Construction Management

Construction Management

Professional Expertise

The most sophisticated form of delivering professional construction services is through a system of Construction Management.

This system assures the Owner of cost efficiency, quality control, and professional representation of the Owner’s best interest.

The complex on-site activity is managed to encourage cooperation and to meet critical schedules.

Construction Management brings professional expertise and knowledge to bear directly on an Owner’s construction needs.


  • Provides services that complement and enhance the services of the Architect
  • Increases opportunities for small, local and/or client-preferred trade contractors
  • Provides full-time job site supervision, the client’s eyes and ears and on-site representation for the entire project
  • Creates an overall environment where the project team conducts the project as partners rather than adversaries
  • Resolves disputes professionally with its client’s objectives as the guiding criteria
  • Typically produces more project cost savings than the amount of the CM fee
  • Provides professional job management implementing schedule, cost and quality controls